Mentor & Speaking

When I'm not designing or teaching, I set aside some time for pro-bono mentoring or speaking opportunities to give back to the design community. I find it rewarding to share my experience and stories with others. Please reach out to me directly if you'd like to discuss a speaking engagement.

Every Tuesday evening, I offer a 30-minute session for individual mentorship. Take a look at the topics below and you can book with me via Calendly.

Topics we can discuss:
  1. Break into UX design industry
  2. Design career path/guidance
  3. Improving your design skills
  4. UX tool or design process
  5. Working cross-functionally with your non-design peers

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Experiences from mentees

Joy was so helpful on a variety of topics in our session. She gave me practical and actionable advice to improve my resume and portfolio. She also gave me valuable advice on my career path and job search strategy. I am clear on what to do next and feel less anxious. Thank you, Joy!

- J, May 2022

I really enjoyed talking to Joy about career growth and career path. Joy offered both great insights on the designer’s career journey and valuable suggestions to help me learn better from my day to day work. I really appreciate Joy for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

- G, Mar 2022

Joy is a great listener, she took down notes and asked me questions to get a better understanding of my background in how to better assist me during our session. After my first session with her, she made me realize the importance of knowing what you want to do and what you're passionate about. And how to tailor your portfolio and resume to a particular company or industry you want to intern at. I left the call feeling a sense of confidence in what to do next when applying for future opportunities. Thank you Joy!

- S, Jun 2021

I had a great time talking to Joy. She gave me insightful advice on how to improve on my weaknesses and made me confident in my career journey. I'm looking forward to our next session where I can show my growth as a designer!

- K, May 2021

Joy is such a great and genuine mentor. I had two sessions with her and got so much help on user experience designer career development and portfolio building. I enjoyed talking to her and her concrete advice on junior/mid-level designers makes me more confident on this career path.

- S, Apr 2021

Hi Joy! I've got great news. I officially accepted the offer to be a Product Designer at [redacted] earlier today. I wanted to thank you for all your help throughout this entire process, I am truly grateful.!

- T, Jan 2021

Hey joy, happy new year! just wanted to let you know that I got a new job and will be joining [redacted] this month. thank you for taking the time to chat with me, all your suggestions and tips were super helpful throughout the job hunt.

- A, Jan 2021

I enjoyed talking with Joy. She is friendly and is easy to talk to. She gave me constructive feedback on my portfolio and other advice on career transition. She suggested me to use mind mapping to find my pitch and to discover how to translate my prior experience to the new roles. I appreciate that she took the time and made sure to answer all my questions. The meeting was helpful to take an objective look at my experience and it gave me the inspiration to keep moving forward.

- K, Jan 2021

Joy was great to talk to. She is authentic and open, which makes the chat easy and natural. She had insightful answers to all my questions, she also provided me great advice on my portfolio. Thank you for your time, Joy.

- Y, Oct 2020

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