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Hi, I’m Joy.

I help companies build things people love through great stories and an achievable vision.

My current role is to help my team do their best work so we can solve complex problems in the enterprise software industry.


2019 — Present

ServiceNow: Defining seamless enterprise customer experiences

As a design manager for post-sales experience at ServiceNow, I lead two teams of designers in defining and delivering exceptional service and guidance to customers, partners, and prospects. My teams excel in a wide range of design work, from establishing our corporate web theme and navigational wayfinding to enhancing the back-end experience for our success teams, ensuring we consistently deliver outstanding services to our customers and help them adopt the platform successfully.


2017 — 2019

Google: Organizing hotels and lodging information for travelers around the world

As an avid one-bag traveler, I took immense pride in designing a product I personally use. As the lead designer expanding hotel search to include vacation rental results, I played a key role in achieving a 10x increase in search conversion when it launched in 2019. Additionally, I enhanced hotel promotions, boosting user trust in ads and increasing revenue by 12%.


2015 — 2017

Samsung: Reimagining a better future where appliances are smarter and proactive

Creating compelling stories from hardware specs is the specialty of the Product Innovation Team, and as a key member of this team, I focus on design and execution of mid-to-long-term concepts. Collaborating closely with product strategists, I identified future market trends and delivered 3-5 year vision concepts to Samsung executives, securing approval for productization. One of the most prominent concept to market was the smart refrigerator.



Shipping cool products for startups and agencies

Before joining major corporations, I was deeply involved in the dynamic Los Angeles Silicon Beach tech scene. At a startup that later appeared on Shark Tank and a software development agency specializing in startup clients, I led interaction design for over 10 product launches, including payment services, e-commerce, ed-tech, content management systems, and entertainment games. This pivotal experience revealed my passion for collaborating with cross-functional teams and bringing innovative ideas to life, solidifying my commitment to a career as a UX practitioner.

Team kudos

Joy’s outstanding work on [redacted] has been a big contributor to the success of the project. She has been highly effective in her timely delivery on a variety of challenges, and also extremely responsive whenever questions arose during implementation. I have learned to de-risk my forecasts when I hear Joy will be involved in one of my projects; I can count on her to execute on high-quality designs up front and to minimize the kinds of last-minute UX changes that can really mess up an engineering schedule.

— Engineer Lead

Joy moves quickly and is able to make decisions while also being open to discussion and feedback for quick iteration. I really value her approach to build a quick mock and then iterate over it, because that proves to be very helpful for the broader team. She is also very aware of how other design decisions across the larger team and [platform] may impact what she is working on for [feature] (and vice-versa) and she is great about sharing that information with the [feature] team. I feel very fortunate to work closely with Joy on the effort.

— Product Manager

Joy is an amazingly talented designer, thinker, and team leader! Throughout our 3+ years working together, Joy always brought forth extremely thoughtful and detailed UI/UX design solutions for the project engagements we worked on together. She always strives to lead by example, being extremely organized in her thinking and calculated in her strategy, when presenting to senior leaders and stakeholders. As a design team lead for some of ServiceNow's most ambitious design initiatives, it was such a pleasure working with her!

— Agency Partner


Teaching design

I enjoy being a part-time instructor, bringing industry experience into the classroom. When I entered the UX job market, there were no established programs, and my colleagues came from diverse backgrounds.

With technology rapidly evolving, academia often lags behind. I am passionate about preparing students for the real-world challenges of product experience design, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and persuasive design rationale.

Courses include:

  • Advanced Interaction Design
  • Intro to Interaction Design
  • Prototyping
  • Systems Thinking
  • Sponsored Studio: Lenovo collaboration

Student kudos

...Joy extends her passion for UX into the classroom environment to accelerate her students abilities into that of professional design leaders, by driving them to evolve beyond their own expectations. Joy’s curriculum prepared me to create human-centered design solutions to complex problems by helping me to grow as a systems thinker, and user experience practitioner... Joy’s course will undoubtedly remain among my most highly valued learning experiences at Art Center!

— Student

It is my honor to take your class this semester, and thank you for your help and sharing. I have learned a lot in the class and I am satisfied with the final result. You are the most professional and the best teacher, and you helped me to learn more about the interaction field and make me more interested in it.

— Student

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your guidance and support throughout my time at CCA. Your teachings have been invaluable, and I am truly thankful for your impact on my education

— Student


Mentoring and fostering communities

I find joy in giving back to the community. In the early 2010s, I began volunteering and attending different meet-up events. I ran several speaker events with AIGA—professional organization for graphic designers—as an event producer for 100+ attendees. I also volunteered as event moderator for Balanced Team and General Assembly, exploring better methodologies and spreading awareness of UX design.

During the pandemic, I joined online design communities to mentor fresh graduates and career-changers entering the design industry. And yes, I take pride in offering this service pro bono because I don’t think it’s right to ask people for money when they are looking for a job.

In addition to supporting the design community, I am passionate about breaking the bamboo ceiling for Asian-Americans and women. As an alumna of the Mount Jade West mentorship program, I recently helped produce the 2024 Women’s Leadership Summit, which focused on the professional growth and empowerment of Asian American women.

Mentee kudos

It was absolutely a pleasure to have met with Joy. She was a great mentor and I got a lot of insightful career advice and detailed feedback on case studies from my portfolio. And there was a lot that I could relate with her in terms of her journey as a designer and I was really inspired. I would definitely book another meeting with her.

— Mentee, Product Designer

Joy was so helpful on a variety of topics in our session. She gave me practical and actionable advice to improve my resume and portfolio. She also gave me valuable advice on my career path and job search strategy. I am clear on what to do next and feel less anxious. Thank you, Joy!

— Mentee, Jr Graphic Designer

I enjoyed talking with Joy. She is friendly and is easy to talk to. She gave me constructive feedback on my portfolio and other advice on career transition. She suggested me to use mind mapping to find my pitch and to discover how to translate my prior experience to the new roles. I appreciate that she took the time and made sure to answer all my questions. The meeting was helpful to take an objective look at my experience and it gave me the inspiration to keep moving forward.

— Mentee, UX Designer