Hi, I’m Joy.

I'm currently crafting travel experiences at Google hotels and vacation rentals search.

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I’ve led design and strategy in companies of various sizes.


Seek out market insights and innovate in home appliances and entertainment 

UX/UI · Strategy · Brainstorm workshop · User research

2015 – 2017

I was an assistant manager on the Design & Execution team, working with multiple product managers to refine hardware/software concepts and bridge the gap between visionary concept work to market-ready features.



Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs transform their ideas to products 

UX design · Product strategy · Agile development

2012 – 2015

I was a Senior UX Designer at Philosophie, helping clients actualize products ranging from e-commerce, education, online retail checkout flow and fulfillment system, rent payment flow, and more.


ArtCenter College of Design

Bring UX design and industry experience into the classroom 

Part-time instructor · Curriculum development

2013 – 2014

I was an instructor for the undergraduate program at ArtCenter, teaching interaction design to senior students in Graphic Design and Interaction Design majors.


... and more


Instructor at Google's Community Space UX Workshop, teaching effective ways to create surveys and write better survey questions


iOS and Android app design, gamifying learning string instruments

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Event volunteer and producer at AIGA Los Angeles chapter


UX bootcamp instructor associate and event moderator at General Assembly


Event lead, Balanced Team Los Angeles Salon


Designed DevShop, Philosophie's kickstarter game card project that helps educate people about how product development works

Fun facts

6 reasons why you should work with me

Fun facts

6 reasons why you should work with me

Fun facts

6 reasons why you should work with me

Cat person

I am curious, self-sufficient, and independent.

Speak code

I love to collaborate with engineers and PMs in brainstorm sessions. It gets things done so much faster.

Type A

I keep my desk and designs clean.


My worldly perspective comes in handy when coming up with scenarios.


Localization comes built-in.


Great person to have for happy hour!

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